Where to Go in Baton Rouge

I love Baton Rouge, and I’m proud of my home city. Everybody knows that we know how to party, and that Mardi Gras is a great time to visit. But there is a lot more to do here, and year round, too! It was hard to just choose a few places, but I narrowed it down to just a few locales that cover a lot of interests. Anything for you, cher.

In the spring, take a day and go to Alex Box Stadium to enjoy a baseball game at Skip Bertman Field. The tickets are much cheaper than at a major league ballpark and more fun to boot. And once fall comes, you can find most of us at Tiger Stadium on game days. Trust me, you’ll want to be there.

Sports aside, you really should just come to LSU and check it out. The campus is just beautiful. If you’re into architecture, you’ll in for a real treat. For the younger crowd, Mike’s Habitat (the LSU tiger) is really something! There’s also the AgCenter Botanical Gardens, where you can walk some landscaped grounds, and the Hilltop Arboretum.

If you like those parks, you can also hit the Riverfront Plaza, Arsenal Park, Repentance Park, or North Boulevard Town Square. They are all great. Sometimes there are concerts or events that are open to the public!

The Old State Capitol is another great place to visit. It’s really beautiful – it looks like a castle! Spiral staircases and stained glass provide a great background for photos. But you can also learn about the history of the area here, so it is well worth the trip. Did I mention that it is free? There’s a children’s area, guided and unguided tours, and even a ghost. The actual capitol building is great too, and you should definitely visit there as well. But as for me, I say the Old Capitol is a can’t miss activity.

For more history, visit the USS Kidd, a destroyer from WWII. Aside from the ship, there is also a museum and a Memorial Plaza right next door. Take the tour. Some of the docents are actually veterans who were stationed aboard the ship. They’ll be able to tell you everything!

If you like tours, there are two other great places to go. The first is the Old Governor’s Mansion. It is like a small White House! Take a tour and enjoy this wonderfully restored treasure. Another great place for a tour is the Magnolia Mound Plantation. While not as large as you might think, the tour can be great fun and it is amazing to see this French Creole home and its open-hearth kitchen.

I hope that you find yourself having a great time and maybe even learning a thing or two when you visit these places. I also hope that you experience some of the fun and southern hospitality Baton Rouge is known for!

If I missed a place, let me know in the comments. Maybe I’ll have to write another (or several) post and make this a multi-parter!